Monday, August 17, 2009

Too many Tweedle-Bugs

Yep. Too many of the little critters.
Truly this is what we have always said was in the kids' ears when we were cleaning them out.

Well, dear Chloe has a Tweedle-Bug production line in her two tiny ears. The girl can make some wax. So much wax, that often she has to have her ears cleaned out at a well-check so the doctor can see her ear drum.

Which makes her very prone to swimmers' ear.

What is her favorite past time in the summer ? Yep. Swimming. She started loving water very early. As you can see by the 7 month old girl, lounging in the pool.

We are supposed to being putting in preventative drops after swimming, but I don't know what her mother has been doing about that, cause it's not getting done. Ha.

She comes downstairs last night after being in bed for 30 mins....."Mama, my ear feels there's something in it that won't come out." Praise God for when they can finally articulate how they feel. Unlike all those younger years prior to this, where it's a game of charades to figure out what's wrong with the baby. Only baby isn't playing along.

Well, I get out my trusty "Dr Mom" Otoscope to check out the factory. As I suspected. The girls ears are FULL of wax. Where you can see it all without the otoscope. No visual of the eardrum. So I am now in search of the bulb syringe to flush it all out. Yea. Like that works or something. Not like the waterpik they use at the Pediatrician's office. Yes, just like a water pik that you use on your teeth. It blasts out the nasty ole chunks, just like that.

Well, to my dismay, I have recently cleaned out the upstairs hall closet, and out went the "certain-to-be-funky-inside" bulb syringe. Fortunately for us, Mr B was on his way from the airport & can stop and get us a syringe. We do the best washing possible with no results in the pan, but a clear-er visual of the ear drum. Hopefully enough pushed out of the way for the ear canal to dry, for her hearing to be less muffled and for the fullness to go away.

As we are finally settling in bed at 10pm, she starts talking about the Tweedle-Bugs. I tell her that I sometimes get a lot when I have a cold or my allergies are bothering me. She rolls over & sits up and says, "Mom do you know why I have so many ?"

"It's because I think so hard in First Grade".

Case solved. That's been the trouble her whole life and the reason for excessive Tweedle-Bugs.
She's been thinking just too hard.

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Shannon said...

very reasonable thinking on Chloe's part - that first grade stuff can be pretty intense - bound to bring out the tweedle bugs. Are you all back to school? Our d-day is Thursday. Got my kleenex all ready