Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Report Cards

Plays well with others.
Can gallop. (I remember that I got an "U" in kindergarten on this one - scarred me for life I tell ya).
To eat or not to eat glue.
"N's", "U's" A's, B's, do-overs, incompletes, absences, and the list goes on.

In fact, the report cards that I received as a child in school were quite simplistic, compared to those that my children bring home. A recent parent-teacher conference enlightened me to the recent change in grading structure. Chloe's first grade teacher (who has been teaching for over 20 years) said the report has gone from assessing 20 points to 88 on a first grade report card. Sounds like a lot of work for teachers, but definitely will give the parents more specifics on their child. All in all, a good thing.

I recently posted on my FaceBook status that "my kiddos got some fantastic report cards. They did their very best". Other mothers stated their praises of their children in terms of "honor roll", "all A's and one B", and the praise goes on. I hope I didn't sound down on their achievements, as they are very bright & good students.

I also, have to be realistic on my expectations. We all have times when we don't get it, or goof up, forget to answer a whole page of multiple choice questions, or just didn't do our very best. Not only have I put up the kids work on the pantry door when they received stars, or "100%", but also those times when it wasn't "perfect", but it was their best. Have they had very many times like this. No. But it happens.

Mr. B learned something, from his cousin, while he was at the funeral of his 93 year old Aunt. Aunt Toni would always tell her daughter every morning, "do your best". Mr. B really thought this was important, and impressive and has taken to really telling our kids this as well.

OK. With all the thoughtfulness behind me....I'm just gonna break out the bragging song.
Here I go. Grandmas pay attention !

Ben is doing fabulous. He's most proud that there is no comment regarding "excessive talking". Those that know my boy, he's got a BIG brain that just overflows into his mouth. If he can't use his mouth, well then his body gets into it and he can't sit still.

He received all "A's". High 90's, in the subjects of Math, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Spelling, Science. His reading level is "Beyond his grade level". In oral fluency (the number of words he can read accurately in a minute) is 132. The expectation is that at the end of Grade 5, he should be able to accurately read 139 words in a minute.

Ben declared again tonight that he wanted to be a doctor. That he wants to read the book on the body in the library at school that is reserved for 5th graders. Well, we all know why that is reserved for that age. He may be able to read it, but I don't think I'm ready to explain all of that. Although we are getting close. Ugh.

On to the Little Miss. With the complex report card, let's just say....she's excelling in 1st grade. Reading above her grade level. The biggest triumph is that she no longer states, she hates school each morning. I don't think, it's school, as much as it's these things: 1) She's a night owl (just ask her). 2) Night owls are not early birds. 3) She likes her pajamas. 4) She loves to be with her Momma.

She brought home her writing journal. One of the entries was a picture of her and her dog. It said, "I want to read. I want to be a vet". I can imagine our Chloe doing this as well.

Food for thought. What will you tell your child as they take their next test, compete in their next soccer game, or practice their piano?

Practice makes perfect...... or...... Do your best.


Shannon said...

OK, your Christmas countdown ticker is making me nervous... But great job goes out to your kiddos! YAY! I know those grades aren't everything, but they do give you some reasurrance that something is sinking in! I think we fall more in the line of "do your best".

Janine said...

Remember Mrs. Breckenfelder? How lucky were we to have the single sweetest woman in the world as our Kindergarten teacher?

(I think I got a "U" in galloping too.)

Sarah Callender said...

I hear ya on the report cards...feel sorry for the teachers but it IS more informative then the past ones. Glad Chole is enjoying school more now! This reminded me of your pep talk when I broke down at the beginning of the year over Eli's failures in school that week - how things have changed for him but I will never forget your words of wisdom. Thank you!