Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Too far away friend

What a great way to spend the day !

With friends that you can let-yer-hair-down with. Those that hug. Laugh. And cry a bit. Encourage. Mess with ya, and call you out on your silliness or over-thinking (like us girls sometimes do).

A friendship that has blossomed through MOPS (mothers of preschoolers), has continued through 4 years, total now of 9 children (notice sweet newborn, Trevor in carseat), one moving to another state (ahem), and all the ups and downs of motherhood.

Although Sarah & I had to make our trek, to Kentucky, between drop off and pick up of the school kids. We had fabulous conversation about a lot of nothing and a whole lot more of something....only to have it continue on as we reached Amy.

Amy is now the mother of 4 boys. We gave her gifts & a clever card that said, "being a mother of boys was an extreme sport"! Although Amy is experiencing the fog of days running into nights, she looks wonderful & it's so evident that her family brings her great joy, amidst all the activity. ((Hugs to you from a distance)).

We talked of dry baby skin, Halloween costumes, the "education" of our school age children, our assets (had to be there) and some other unmentionables that only women and mothers can discuss without batting an eye or missing a beat. Statements that will be met with laughter & the knowing nod from the others. Time flew by too quickly, as we knew it would.

Since my babies are getting so big, I just love being around their children. Brand new bundles, like Trevor......building train tracks with Evan.....watching the exploration of Sister Girl (aka Elizabeth). Takes me back a "few" years when I was in my early 30's having babies. Only to be brought back to the reality that I am a bit.....just a bit, mind you.....older than they are. There was no response (just crickets) when I said that my college papers were completed on a typewriter.....AND I walked up-hill both ways to school.

We once were able to be together almost once a week for a playdate or MOPS meeting, or those coveted GNO's (girls night out). Now it has gone to here and there phone calls, occasional gatherings, Facebook, emails and blogs. Sarah & I spoke about technology and the pros and cons as we see it play out, in our relationships. I think that it's awesome for continuing on a friendship that has had to change. Changing seasons, changing focus, changing diapers, changing locations, changing commitments.

There are friends for a season and then......... there are friends that weather the seasons of life.

To my dear friends....Amy & Sarah.....I look forward to our next adventure ! Something about caves or breakfast, or both. Until then....we'll blog, or text, or message, or FB, or.......

Evan. Look at those big baby blues. My potato chip buddy.

Amy you have such good boys. You're a great Momma !

And Sister-Girl ! Happy First Birthday Elizabeth. You your first year. You're one tough, but sweet cookie.
Telling her Momma about her birthday phone call during lunch.

Elizabeth and her Momma. Sarah you crack me up.

Sweet, peaceful Trevor. Wake up, little buddy. No more 3 am parties.


Schallert Family said...

You are so sweet. I miss you already! I started a blog posting about yesterday, but got interrupted by baby. It would no way compare to what a nice entry you made. Thanks for visiting, listening and letting me talk. Hope to see you soon. Love you girl!

Shannon said...

It's good to have good friends, huh? Glad you are one of mine! Sweet post!

Sarah Callender said... summed up that day perfectly! Thank God for great friends and even more for those that last through the different seasons of life! Love you both -