Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a "spooktacular" Halloween evening.
Mr B was out of town, so it was just myself and the little spooks.

Hippy B Keeper - Peace Out

Medieval Knight & Wonder Woman - what a pair

Noble Knight

Guts-to-go. Would you like those super-sized ?

Took the guts to this "honted hose"

Boys n "ghouls" in the neighborhood.

Princesses & the Frog Prince
Homecoming Queen

A clear, cool night with an almost full moon, perfect for Trick-0-Treats. Many homes are VERY decorated with scary decor.

Notice the bubbles to the left of Wonder Woman. It was a bubble machine that made fog. There's fog in those bubbles! Quite cool.

Then there are those homes.....the kind you look at through your fingers, that are over your eyes. Like in a scary movie. The horribly hideous homes. Normally I stay home & hand out candy, so I had no idea what was out there. Needless to say, I didn't take pics of those. They even made me squirm.

I can usually handle gross.
Scary. Not so well.
So gross AND scary. Yikes! (I wonder where my boy gets it :-)

Then there's the sorting & trading of the "loot"

Did you see all that candy ?

(These were my hippy glasses that the kids voted down. The wig, make-up & clothes were about all they could handle, so I toned it down).

I sure did see all the candy. Here's the B Keeper's stash.
Gonna say it......"MINE"!

Next year's rock star ?
Or a movie star ?

(do you see the pose that comes
with a long haired wig?)

An actress !

Back to "normal"
Til next year. Dress-up is for the big and small.
Watch out Mr B. I've got some plans for next year.

**Gonna wash that wig right outta my hair**


Shannon said...

Loooooooooooooooooooooove the hippy costume! Kids look super cute too! Looks like you had a great time!

Schallert Family said...

You looked great! Loved the costume. Sounds like a great evening.

Anonymous said...

Loved the costumes. Lot better than mine. It was fun and look at all the candy. Way to go.

Sarah Callender said...

You look BEAUTIFUL with that long black straight hair...is there a flat iron & a box of color in your future missy? =) Naw, I like the curly Dawn better!