Monday, December 14, 2009

9 year old sadness

My boy is enveloped in great sadness, as the days tick away.
Again crying tonight in bed before he fell asleep.
His 3rd grade teacher, which whom he adores, is moving back to be closer to her family, on Friday.
She was also his 2nd grade teacher.
She is patient, esp with all his "boy-ness" and excited about teaching & the children's ability to learn.
Ben has always had a love of reading. We've done A LOT of that over the past 9 years. It has been fueled, along with his desire to journal, by this said teacher.

He met his new teacher today. She will be sitting in on the class for the rest of this week. She is a former nurse, turned elementary school teacher. I think that she is highly prepared for this role.

Third Grade Triage.

Oh, and here's her sweet little boy. I had the honor of caring for him today, since her childcare had fallen through these last few days. What joyful day, filled with the needs of this sweet little one. Needless to say, my two kiddos didn't want to go to school today. Can't imagine why ?


Anonymous said...

I really don't know how you got the kids to school with that little cutey in their house. I know you had an enjoyable day with him Mrs. B


Shannon said...

Marissa is going through the same thing right now. Her piano teacher for the past three years is moving back to Des Moines. Marissa is heartbroken. Hope Ben does OK, but looks you've got a good one in the wings too. Third grade triage ~snort! Too funny! That baby is adorable!