Monday, December 7, 2009

My Little Miss turns seven....

Chloe has been SO excited for her Golden Birthday. She so proudly & clearly explains what a Golden Birthday is to those who don't know. Then she asks them when theirs is. The fact that it happens only once in a lifetime is probably the most intriguing part to her.

I had no idea such a thing existed, until the girl across the street celebrated hers. Now we know.

Unfortunately, Chloe has had a cold since the end of last week. It got worse yesterday & has added chest congestion & a fever. She stayed home from school today. Those of you that know our family. Chest congestion is a rough thing.

All in all, I'd say she had a great day. Played her new Wii game, when she felt up to it. Snuggled with my girl on the couch while we watched "Santa Buddies" and Mama snoozed. Smile. Chloe had a long bubble bath and whatever she wanted for breakfast on her special day.

For her it was warmed apples & brown sugar with ice cream. Served on the "Special Day" plate. In our family you can chose whatever you want for your birthday breakfast.

No matter how ridiculous.

Here she is opening a few gifts in bed this morning.

Celebrating her birthday with friends at the Jumpy place this past weekend. Loving every minute of being "queen for the day".

Here she is all snug in bed with her girl, Star. When I checked on her, this is the sweet note that I found she had written on her new Glow Board.

Being sick and having a Golden Birthday, will wear a girl out !

Happy 7th Birthday to my Little Miss.


Schallert Family said...

Sorry that she is sick, but glad she had an extra special birthday. Can't believe she is 7! Please wish her a happy birthday from all of us. We miss you guys.

Shannon said...

Looks like she had a good day regardless of her cold. Hope she feels better and was wandering if I could borrow a pair of her footie pajamas? It's mighty cold in Iowa and I love those things! Too Cute! and she is precious...