Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm dreaming of .....

.....a White Christmas.

and the dream came true.

Here's a few photos from my walk around my hometown.

I enjoyed the peacefulness, the chill in the air (18 degrees on this day), and the crunch of the snow beneath my big ole boots.

Childhood memories.....thoughts of days to come.......thankfulness and prayer......oh, and

....how in the world do I get the camera to do that one thing again??....

Here's a few attempts to capture the beauty of it all.

the starkness of winter

frozen 'til Spring

just one lick.....and your tongue will stick.....

Thank you to the ONE who created the snow.


Shannon said...

love the one with the berries! Looks like you are getting the hang of that sexy camera...it is sexy, right? : )

Anonymous said...

We are still dreaming of a white outside as it has snowed another 3 inches yesterday and today it is really blowing it around at 30 mile per hour with a temp of 6 degrees.See what you are missing... you might have had enough cold and snow for this winter.

Janine said...

Look at my home church buried in all that snow! Thanks for the photos and for taking me home . . . for just a moment!