Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The snow dance.

That's what the young children in our area are doing tonight. Encouraged by none other than their teachers. Imagine that. A teacher wanting a snow day?!?

The only thing is they HAVE gotten their snow day. The school hot line has already called and cancelled school for tomorrow, due to the threat of winter weather. Even before the first flake has flown !

For those of you that don't have to hope and wish so hard for are the antics of youngsters that want to have a snow day.

1. Snow Dance. The wilder and the crazier, the better.

2. Sleep with your pj's....inside out. Chloe thought she would wear her underwear inside out too. As that should add another inch or two.

3. Flush some ice cubes down the toilet.

4. Lick a spoon and sleep with it....under your pillow.

So for all of those that are experiencing some wintery weather. You need to stop doing these above things. Don't you know what they lead to?

For us....the ground had better be covered with some white stuff in the morning, or I'll have some unhappy kiddos. After seeing all the Iowa snow, I'm not sure if it will "measure up".

Gotta get up and go to the "hill" early, cause it's usually melted by noon.

Right, Brian ?

One February, when Uncle Brian & Aunt Carmen came to visit from Iowa, it took 3 kids and two adults and two front
yards of snow, to make a respectable snow man.

Snow is snow

where ever it may be
Lots of fun
As you can see.

Here are a few familiar and other "snow day superstitions". Should you be interested in such nonsense.

1. pjs inside out and backward
2. drink rootbeer before bed (with straw)......
we know that you just "float the bed" with this one.
3. submarine movie in the dvd player

4. spoon under the pillow

5. white crayon in the freezer then under your pillow before you go to sleep

6. the classic snow dance

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Shannon said...

Someone need to stop doing the snow dance of any kind for us here. They need to stop immediately!!Think flushing the ice cubes down the toilet is pretty funny though.