Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowy Tennessee Day

.....finally !

A real snow! One to make a snowman with.
To sit inside afterward and admire the slow fall of the big ole white flakes.

A snow where you don't have to hurry to sled by noon, or you will have missed it because it has melted. This is here to stay for a few days.

A real reason to cancel school !

I do miss winter. Not as much winter as the mid-west has encountered this year.
I enjoy the happy balance of the south. A little winter, some cold, mild spring & fall, and a few months of summer...and it starts all over again.

What I really love is a cozy fire, my new super warm slippers, and surprise hugs from my children. Like the one I just received from my Ben (while he was checking to see which picture I was posting).

These are from earlier today, when the snow was just starting. We have easily 4 - 5 inches on the ground tonight. More pics to come !

This was some dedicated work to make this snowman. The only place the snow would stick was on the driveway. We'd have to then transport the pieces to the yard on the sled.

Snowman parts:

grapes = eyes
carrot & some part from the garage = nose
sidewalk chalk = drawn on pink smile
(Ben doesn't like this part, cause it's NOT a girlie snowMAN)
sticks = arms
mittens = hands
standard hat & scarf
my garden shoes = feet
(Ben found these for the final touch)

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