Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tomorrow is yet another day.....

Have you ever seen the website, Holiday Insights, that lists the numerous "holidays" throughout the year?
Not one of the 6 or 7 major holidays that gets many people excited about guaranteed vacation time.

I'm talking about all those other 359 days inbetween.
Those are special days too, you know.....

Today being one of my new favorite "holidays".

January 19th is "National Popcorn Day"!
How "corny" is that you say?
I like it.

For those of you that really know me.
I LOVE popcorn. My children not so much.
I think I overdosed them on it throughout their short childhood.
There is even a popcorn bucket on my charm bracelet.
The neighbor kids even know what Mrs. B's favorite snack is.

I'll even sacrifice the elegant steak dinner, for popcorn at the movie, on date night.
Should I be forced to choose.

In case you need a reason to celebrate, don't be down that you missed this fantastic holiday.
For tomorrow is yet another day to celebrate.

It's "Penguin Awareness Day"
Oooh, and Thursday is "National Hugging Day" and "Squirrel Appreciation Day"......

.....not to be confused with "Hug a squirrel day".

Praise God for yet another day.....


Shannon said...

Thursday sounds fun! Did I know about the whole popcorn thing? I do know about the whole beer thing though. : ) Nahhhh! If I were in your hood on Thursday I would come over and give you a hug! And a bag of popcorn.

Anonymous said...

You are your mother's daughter. Didn't know yesterday was Popcorn Day and to think I didn't have any.Maybe I will make up for it today. Ben thank goodness for the Cub Scout popcorn sale. A BIG hug to all.