Tuesday, February 16, 2010

King Cake

It's Fat Tuesday and did you eat your King Cake ?

Did you know that it's "illegal" to eat your King Cake after Fat Tuesday?

Fat Tuesday is the famous Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. You know the big ole par-tay that gets the notoriety of being over-indulgent, crazy crowds, and then there's the beads.

The celebrations begin on Jan 6th. The Twelfth Night (12th night after Christmas....it's ok to use your fingers). The night the Three Kings were to have visited the Christ Child. Then the festivities end at midnight on Fat Tuesday (the night before Ash Wednesday).

Which brings me to The King Cake.

The King Cake tradition came to New Orleans with the first French Settlers. The cake was part of the ball on Jan 6th. Including gold and silver beads. The ladies that found the silver beads were part of the court. The one that found the gold beads was then the queen of the ball.

This became part of the family tradition and was shared with friends and family on a weekly basis. Beads were then substituted with a gold bean or even a little baby. Who ever found the baby, was to have the next celebration and provide the cake.

Being of French heritage, I thought it was time to have our own King Cake. (Thanks to the local grocery store). It's like a large cinnamon roll with icing and colored sugar. Exactly what we need....more sugar.

This particular King Cake was made in New Orleans by Gambino's. That counts for authenticity, right ?

Ben and Chloe choosing their pieces. Certain that the baby is in......that one.....no, THAT one.

Mr B cuts the cake.

Ben was given strict instructions, by "the B Keeper" to LOOK and not to touch the cake until we all had our piece.

You are witnessing him using his x-ray vision to see if "THE baby" was in his piece.

Hey, what's this in my cake ?

Is it ?? It is ! It is a bay....bee ! In my piece of cake !

Oh, glorious day. All hail, Queen Chloe !

Star is "the dog in waiting".
Waiting to be crowned princess ?
More like, waiting to be given a piece of that action.

Aaahh. Patience pays off.

Ingredients of King Cake.

But watch out for the baby, not otherwise listed above.

Will we make our own King Cake next year ?
Not for sure. Maybe it would be a little fresher than this one.
Nothing a lot of frosting
and sugar
....and 15 seconds in the microwave couldn't fix.

Sshh....don't tell anyone about the contraband King Cake in the baggie on the counter.
It's illegal as of midnight tonight.


Shannon said...

Sounds like a good tradition! such cute pics of the kids and Star too. Now I am assuming the french heritage comes from Mr. B's side, but is it on yours too?

Janine said...

Someone at work always brings in a King Cake. It was a tradition I was unaware of until a few years ago and have enjoyed it . . . and the cake is always pretty good too!

Sarah Callender said...

love the pictures! What a fun mom you are!!!