Wednesday, February 24, 2010

to smell or not to smell

Today the kids & I were in the kitchen together while I was looking through the mail.
Something falls out of the magazine onto the table.
It's one of those sample the fragrance thingys.
Chloe picks it up and we begin to talk about it. We open it. She smells it.
Then I proceed to show her that you can try it on & get sample of the fragrance.

She pushes up her sleeve.
We rub it on.
She smells.
She pushes up the other sleeve.
More fragrance.
We attempt to put a "dab behind each ear" like my Mom did for me.

Chloe then realizes that there is another side to this smelly-thingy.
One with a man on it.
We discuss that this is a man's fragrance.

All the while Ben is sitting there. Doodling. Not seeming to pay us much attention.

Chloe opens the men's smelly-thingy and pushes it at Ben.
He jumps!

Like he's been stung by a bee.

(and all the while we think he's paying us no attention).
Chloe says what's wrong ? Don't you want any ?

Ben says.
"Can't wear that smell-good stuff."

(and only as 9-year-old Ben can say it.....)

"I don't want to make the Laaay-deees ........SWOON !" that boy. he cracks us up.

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Shannon said...

me thinks the apple doesn't fall from from his daddy's tree... : )