Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning

My Mom is here to visit for 2 weeks. Oh, what we can get into. The great thing is, we finish what we start. Trimming overgrown bushes out front of the house, led to big gaping holes & not so pretty bushes.
We cut them off & then dug out those monsters.

Well we dug out two of the three.

We must have been a site to see !

The B Keeper, a pick-ax, shovel, lots of ambition, and my Mom.
(She's got some muscle ! Must be that elliptical she's started using this winter).
We whooped it up when the first one broke free.

So much that Chloe emerged from the house in her pj's to take some pictures.
Like a wiggly loose tooth.
Gradually breaking away the roots.

Tomorrow we will tackle the last one.

My plan was to take one bush out, so that Mr. B would only have two left to remove.
Well, I wiggled another out of the ground right before we left for soccer on Saturday.

Mr. B returned home & asked where all the new flowers came from.

Which confirms that we made a good decision to remove the bushes, as they overpowered the other flowers.

No offer to remove the other deeply rooted tooth (bush).
Guess he figures, if we got the other two out....we can certainly remove the last.

The reward ?

A trip to the nursery to find a replacement....

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Janine said...

So glad your Mom is spending a couple of weeks with you. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Give her a hug and hello from me!