Sunday, May 2, 2010

Perfect Pairings - Genesis 1: 9

And God said, "Let the waters under the sky be gathered together into one place,
and let the dry land appear."
And it was so.
Genesis 1 : 9

We live near Nashville, TN that has been experiencing such an incredible amount of rain, thunderstorms, and tornados within the past 36 hours. It is still raining, and flooding, and the radar is filled with so much more to come. Over 18 inches of rain has fallen in places. Just miles up the road has been declared a disaster area of hurricane-proportions.

This is a just a small part of the flooding in our neighborhood, where our sweet, little, rock-throwing creek at our park had turned into a 20-foot river.

We are praying for those affected by these storms. Please join us in lifting up those in prayer that have lost a loved-one, vehicles, their homes, and much more. For the emergency responders that are doing their very best, and leave their families at home, and place themselves in danger.

We serve the God of the Universe, who put all the waters in it's place at the beginning of time. He, who is in control of the waters, the rain, and all that happens. We have Hope in Him, and that our lives will be recovered from the chaos & that the waters will return to their resting place.

This is my first attempt at Perfect Pairings. I have followed "Perfect Pairings" each Sunday on That's Baloney, where many people have shared their fantastic photos and the incredible word of God. Check it out !
Also see my friend, at IA Pilot Wife, who had introduced me to Baloney.


Shannon said...

So glad you guys are OK! How scary and that is some SERIOUS water. Was checking out the weather channel and all the damage. Prayers for you all! Glad to see your perfect pairing - it's pretty fun!

Baloney said...

I was just watching Memphis on the news. Yikes.
So glad you participated with PP. Loved your pairing. Hope to see you here again next week!

Janine said...

Been thinking about you all a lot and praying for your safety. We are heading to your part of the country next week to see Patrick's parents in Eastern Tennessee but we will be coming in from the north instead of coming through Nashville because of the flooding. Will continue to keep you in our prayers.