Monday, June 14, 2010

Going to see a man about a horse

Little Miss had her first horse riding lesson today.
Western style.

She was awake long before she needed to be.
Has been waiting for over a month for "horse camp".
Going to meet "Sugar". Or as those with a southern twang call, "SHUGA" or "SHOog".

She's got a fantastic teacher. She's very calm, kind, patient, and southern.
Living on her family homestead of over 150 acres. Retired from the police department.
Now returning to her love of horses & teaching kids.

To be continued.....sorry Grandma !

Can't get any more pictures to post. Grrr.
I'm off to bed, as I'm helping with the Cub Scout camp tomorrow morning nice & early.


Same horse time.
Same horse station.

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Janine said...

I have two nieces who each have a horse and they love to ride. It's a favorite pasttime for their family.

What a wonderful experience!