Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stand by: cowgirl in progress

More like full-speed ahead for our Little Miss.
She's up to second-gear (as Daddy would say in motor-talk).
Chloe trotted today on Shoogah (aka Sugar).
Did a "keyhole" at a very slow pace.
And she is almost more southern than sweet tea !

Here she is near the big corral overlooking the beautiful Tennessee hillside.

She's met all the horses on the home-place. Knows all 9 names & what type of horse & what they are good at. Ms T is impressed that she can get herself up in the saddle without a boost and remembers everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that she is told in those 2 hours.

I sure hope Ms T is willing to follow through on the promise of having Little Miss spend the day with her on the farm, before summer is up.
Cause you have to know that Chloe heard that !

On our way home from her second lesson today, Chloe spoke of her dream to be a cowgirl, but more importantly a veterinarian. How she wants to live on a farm & raise horses. She would have her vet clinic on the farm as well, and if the animals need to stay and recover while they are sick.....well, she'd be more than happy to have them.
She couldn't chose whether she would be a vet for big animals or small animals.

"You know Mama", Chloe says, "a horse is a big animal and a dog is a small animal. I couldn't chose one or the other".

"Every good cowgirl has a great dog", as she smiles & widens those chocolate brown eyes.

Oh dear. I've fueled the love of animals.
Better start packing Pa, as we're loadin' up the truck to move to the country.....

The "B" Ranch has a nice ring, don't ya think ?


Anonymous said...

Chloe you look great in your riding outfit and especially on the horse. I know how much you love animals.

Janine said...

Your kids are riding horses . . .my kids are getting styrofoam stuck to their noses. :-)

Shannon said...

a girl after my own heart I tell you!! Neither one of my girls have that undying love for horses that I did, although Marissa is gulping down the Black Stallion books one after another. Gotta get her a horse Dawn!