Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You can take the girl outta Iowa.....

......but you can't take Iowa outta the girl !

Today was one of my first trips to a working Dairy Farm (minus the kindergarten field trip with my kids). We had a great time ! I have always respected all the work & commitment of being a farmer. The kids, Grandma & I pitched in to help with the morning chores at a generational family-owned farm this morning.

We watched the milking process, learned all about the storage & distribution of milk. Had to be quiet in the milking room while the cows gave us the "cow-look" as we are definite strangers. Being quiet was tough for some of us.

Then it was time to feed the BABIES ! The oldest was 7 days old and the youngest 1 day old. If they weren't 60 pounds when they were born (and over 1000 when fully grown), I may have put one in the backseat to take home.

Here are a few pics of our farming expedition.....

Off to feed the babies with Janessa, Chloe & Ben.

Hand over the bottle Mister. Pet me later.
Those babes could slurp down 4 pints in just a few minutes.
And they did it twice !

What's not to love about feeding babies.
No matter who's babies they are.

Those cows would suckle on most anything.
Your fingers, your thumb, your elbow, your hair (not that we tried all these things, but that's what we were told).
And their favorite was the ear of the one that was being fed.
Chloe was willing to "lend a hand".
She would have stayed all day with those little cows.

Grandma in on the action.
She's a farm-girl.

Here's Kyle keeping those baby Holsteins busy while the day old learned to drink from a bottle.

Janessa feeding the day old calf.
They look skinny, but when they are finished they have big ole pot bellies.
Some lay down & others jump & kick around.

No farm is complete without the muddy ole farm dog that loves to fetch.

When we were finished. We didn't look pretty. Nor smell pretty.
But we have some pretty fantastic memories !

Thanks to my niece, Janessa (and Kyle) for helping us play farmer today...

Janessa, here's your favorite little one.
I'll be sure to get you a picture.
This one was born last week on Janessa's birthday.
Complete with the number "7" on her head.
Pretty neat, since July is the 7th month.


Sarah Callender said...

I'm trip "home" isn't involving any real animals on the farm other than a snake my mom won't kill b/c it is "the good kind". What fun ya'll are having! What about the big birthday celebration...was there one? I want to see pictures!

Shannon said...

I can smell it now...oh wait I have the window open. : ) Looks like you are having fun! Love those baby farm animals!

Janine said...

First of all... I REMEMBER when Janessa was born. My goodness, I am feeling old. :-)

Second, I love the title of your post and isn't that so true. No matter how much I love living in a city now and have loved being in cities all over the country, even living in NYC when I did my student teaching years ago, there is something about always going home to our small town Iowa community that just makes my heart happy.

I think the older I get, the more I appreciate and value where we grew up, Mrs. B.