Friday, August 29, 2008

To be a wife and mother....

This is a somewhat of a follow-up to a post I made a few weeks ago. Still more people are asking how I like having both kids in school & what do I do all day. Fair question, as my hubby (Mr B) said. Initially I was overwhelmed by the question, "What are you gonna do ?" To be honest, I didn't quite know how to answer that particular question. Everything I knew to be normal, for the last 8 years, has changed. I had to mourn & mostly accept the passing of a familiar season in my life, and I'm currently learning to embrace the new one.

The interesting thing is that many of things are still the same, but I do them without as much assistance. :-) It's hard to say in a nut-shell, what I do all day, as it changes daily. I'm certain I will figure out more of a routine as time passes.

Mr B & I had decided when Ben was born that I would stay home with the kids. That didn't change when Chloe arrived. We still agreed on our decision for me to stay home after both kiddos were in school. With Mr B's ever-changing schedule, I need to be the consistency for him & the kids. Being a wife and mother are very much a priority & a privilege for me. I am going to continue doing exactly what God intended for me to do.

I'm incredibly blessed to have a husband that supports & values my role in our family so very much. I'm forever grateful to be with the kids all that I can. I want to give them the very best of me when they are home & that means getting all that other stuff done during the day. Time passes so unbelievable quick. Before I know it, it's time to get the kids.

For those inquiring minds, here's a glimpse of just a few of things that I do during the day:

  1. take the kids to & from school (Mr B helps as he can)
  2. put the puppy out to potty
  3. groceries
  4. clean
  5. laundry (some things don't change)
  6. put the puppy out to potty
  7. volunteer at Ben & Chloe's school
  8. eat lunch w/ Ben & Chloe (& other fun things like that - they love it)
  9. chart audits for an insurance company (able to set my own hours)
  10. go to the YMCA & take care of myself (something that I did quite poorly the past 8 years).
  11. clean up potty - need to put puppy out sooner.
  12. run errands
  13. cleaning out closets - hide your favorites - mama is in the mood to donate (one of my many projects while the kids are in school)
  14. empty backpacks, do homework, & listen to all their stories from the day
  15. take care of house, yard, pool, esp when Mr B is unable
  16. take Ben to soccer & soon to take Chloe to gymnastics
  17. back to having some quiet time to read & do a Bible Study
  18. home w/ the kids when they are sick
  19. plan meals & grocery lists (definitely a work in progress)
  20. and maybe I mentioned it before - take the puppy out
  21. stop being a night owl & get more rest (I ain't as young as I used to be).

I finally like the idea of being asked what I do all day. Now that I'm over my funky mood, I appreciate the concern & curiosity. I gotta go, it's late (#21), and the puppy is out (#2, #6, #20).

Love to all....Mrs B

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