Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ok, so I may be behind on the latest fitness craze, but I'm making my return to taking care of me. Esp in the form of fitness. I've included that in a recent blog post.

Anyway, I stood outside the YMCA deciding if I should give the Zumba class a try today. A mom from school came walking up the sidewalk. I asked her if she was going to a class & she said "yes, Zumba". What a God-send she was. Thank you God for knowing that I needed a push.

Zumba is a combination of Latin dance & aerobics. The best that I can explain after my first class. For some of you reading this that are all into the whole YMCA/fitness thing, you may think what's the big deal, just go.....but I find it somewhat intimidating at times. But like all things, once you get going & figure out what to do, no big deal. She explained what it was like, which classes she came to, what to wear, & that it definitely fills up fast, so get there on time. Otherwise you spend much time dancing with the wall.

There were basically all women, except for one brave young man. Which it seems he was drug there by his girlfriend. All ages, shapes & sizes. And I can't forget the woman who proudly announced, she's got no rhythm, but was there to shake it with the rest of the ladies anyway. The instructor did a great job of calling out what you were going to do next. How she does this & still keeps the beat, I'm certain comes w/ much practice.

Fabulous music, we did the salsa, merengue, & several other latin dances. The time flew. The first time in an aerobics type class that I really gave it my all for the entire class. I was red-faced, dripping with sweat & tired. But I felt energized.

Not having any formal dance training, I do enjoy music, recognize the count & can feel the beat. Must be from all those years in music & band. :-) Can I say that I can really shake it & see myself on a dance show.....well no. There are some young 20-somethings that can move, and some of us inbetweens (not mentioning age) & others that adapt it & do what they can.

I did recognize the grape vine & the box step. Must be from those times that I went with my Mom & Dad dancing after I was out of the house. For years they Country danced. I had a chance to dance with my Dad on several occasions. My mom would take me to the dance floor for a line dance that she assured me I could do. Thanks, Mom & Dad. Who knew that would help me in Zumba class all those years later.

Now if you Google for Zumba or watch a You-Tube video, I can pretty much guarantee you that not many (if any) dressed that way or even looked that way. So don't be intimidated by the professional dancers making the promo videos. Ok, no offense to anyone in the class today. In our hearts & minds, we all belonged on a promo video....and that's all that mattered....

What I'm trying to say is get out there & try something new. Take a friend. There's always confidence in numbers. Even if you have to recruit one on the way into the gym !! :-)

(Look out Mom.....on your next visit, you may find yourself in a Zumba class ! I assure you, that you can do it.....just watch for the grapevine & the boxstep & just shake it in the middle !! ;-)

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