Thursday, September 4, 2008

A bit bigger than a milk jug

Update on "Star" (Starlight). She weighs about 8 lbs, is 14 weeks old & is a little bit bigger than a milk jug. She has discovered her tail & chases it til she's dizzy. Sleeps a lot during the day in preparation for the return of the children. Likes to ride in the car to school. She tolerates being pushed around in the baby stroller & kid sized shopping cart. Loves to chase the kids in the yard. She can sit & stay. Eats ice by the bowl full (just like Chloe). She's learning to walk on the leash. Loves to snuggle. She rang the bell that is hooked on the sliding glass door to go outside. I was so excited that she didn't do her business on the floor (right in front of me), that I scared her with my response.

A witness would have thought I just won the lottery......well, in potty training, "going outside" is like winning the puppy lottery !!

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