Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ben's First Soccer Game

Ben had his first soccer game today. He started his soccer career 2 weeks ago. He loves it. While some other kids started when they were 4, Ben has just expressed an interest in the sport. Some say it's too late. I think, it's just the right time for Ben.
It rained a bunch for the last 2 days. It was overcast this morning & even cool enough for jackets. What a great change. We still had the game. At this age, it's still the learning of the game. No keeping score. Although Patrick did. Ben's team won 5 - 2. ssshhhh.

Our family is new to the game of soccer. I think Mr B played some when he was little, but not sure how much he remembers. He says he doesn't remember much at all from elementary school. I think it's because his life really didn't get started til he met me ! (my blog, so I can put in what I want, right ? Since Mr B reads this.....maybe I'll get him to post a response). :-)

Mr B video recorded the entire event & even provided the coin for the toss. The game is 4 on 4 and lasts 1 hour. Each child gets equal playing time. In the next few years, it becomes more competitive & you earn your playing spot on the team (and they keep score).

Ben experienced some side aches & some falls, but didn't once complain. I know for sure he likes it. He likes his coach. Coach is a positive teacher. He's a police officer, doesn't tolerate bullying (by the parents, either) & is very calm. A great match for Ben this year. Ben listened well & learned all kinds of new skills today.

Now many of the teams that he will play have friends from school on them. In fact, one of his current classmates is on his team. So today, Ben's friend on the opposite team loses his shoe. While the ball was in play, Ben got his shoe took it to him & helped him get it back on. Which got laughter & applause from the crowd. A short time later, this same friend from school got in Ben's way & he got run over. Ben helped him up, brushed him off, & got him to the side of the field. All the while Ben's team takes the ball down the field.

Ben says "I didn't mean to hurt that little guy, he just got in the way". I'm so proud of my soft hearted, yet "get aggressive" boy. Congratulations on a successful soccer game, Ben.

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