Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ben & Daddy get dirty

Ben & Daddy loaded their dirt bikes in the back of the truck & headed off to ride. They went about 35 mins south of us to a track that is out in the country behind a man's house. Remember now where we live....this type of thing is probably common.

Evidentally this track has been around almost 20 years. At it's beginning it was the qualifying track for the Loretta Lynn race here in TN. It has fallen apart & there is rumor that they will start official racing again, but no one seems to be holding their breath on that one.

Now speaking of holding your breath.....WHEW. Can this track kick up some dust. Esp the 4-wheelers. When we got home, we had to use the air compressor to clean out the lens to get it to close on the video recorder. You'll see in some of these pics, just how dusty it is. In fact, Daddy doesn't let Ben ride when there are so many on the track. Visibility is definitely an issue. When the hot-shots are taking a break, then they go out & ride.

I sat next to a Dad that rode this track when he was 12 years old & off & on since then (he's now 30). His 5 year old was with him & was riding the track today. The Dad said he started his blonde-haired, bare-chested, skinny little fella when he was 3 years old.....ON TRAINING WHEELS. WHAT ? This is one mama's opinion, but if you can't ride a bike (with no motor), you got no business riding one w/ a motor & training wheels ! How are ya gonna lean & get a good feel in those turns ?

Now my well-built, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, spontaneous, big talker boy, is VERY cautious on the track. A very good listener. But needs to "kick-it-up" or he's gonna get run over (ok, Grandma, don't get worried). Most mamas probably tell their kids to slow down, but my guy needs to get it in 3rd gear. The great thing about this track, is that if you aren't feeling confident to go over the table tops, or ride the burms, there is an alternative route flat around it.

He wears all the gear. Special shirt & padded pants, goggles, gloves, big ole helmet. Only thing left on the list is boots. Gotta get him some boots. Daddy has borrowed some from the neighbors for himself. (the fact that the boys are dirt bike riding, may have something to do w/ the neighbors, but that's a whole nuther post :-) We love our neighbors !

Ben got some AIR today ! Wait tell you hear him tell about it. You'd think he was jumping the Grand Canyon. In his young mind, he was WAY in the air. "I was scared Daddy". "I didn't think I was ever gonna come down". As Ben rides away, Daddy shows me an inch w/ his 2 fingers. I said "that's it"....and Daddy smiles & nods.

Mr B is getting back into his groove. Much more cautious than he was when I first met him 15+ years ago & we were riding "crotch rockets" at unmentionable speeds & running his 4 wheeler through the mud & hills. Getting higher on his jumps, as his confidence returns. Whew...with all these memories, it's getting a little warm in here :o)
You're wondering why I'm encouraging such behaviors ? Some mamas would consider me nuts. There are several reasons. Mr B & Ben have a passion for things with motors. It's a physically demanding sport. Ben doesn't tire from the endless circles & dirt. And they are doing it together !
Plus, I have some adventurous traits myself. Even sat on a motorcycle (street bike) in the shop on Saturday. A lady passes by & says "you look good on that".....and you know what, I was thinking the same thing ! Also, another topic for another day.

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