Tuesday, September 9, 2008

those things that make you go hhhmm....

Do you tip the Sonic waitress/carhop ??

(Hoping for some feedback from readers & visitors)
Curious to know why or why not.
Waiting to hear from you.... !


Schallert Family said...

I do. I figure if I worked there, I would want people to tip me. . . especially if it is cold or raining. I only do about 10% unless I only got a drink and then they just get the change. :)

Patrick said...

Yes I do. if they are wearing roller skates I tip more.

Don't be a tightwad, tip em!

Alicia said...

I never have cash, so I always have to pay by credit card. There's no tip option when you do credit-- which means . . . I don't tip'em. (**hangs head in shame**)
The new Sonic stores usually have a drive-thru window. I luuuv the window b/c then I don't have to stress about the tipping issue.