Thursday, October 16, 2008

We miss you Grandma....

I took my Mom to the airport this morning. I'm glad for the quick drop off at the curb, as it's a very sad day to see my mom leave. In fact, I called my girlfriends, so I didn't boo-hoo the whole way home.

We miss you Grandma. Even the smoochie poochie does, Chloe says so !

I love you, Mom.
See you's officially on the calendar in pen....all the better.

Here's my mom playing Monopoly with Anna, Ben, & Mari. This was last Friday night. We had a houseful one evening & I needed to run to Walgreens to get Chloe's antibiotic for her ear infection. Grandma & 5 or more kids kept right on Mom is a go-getter !

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