Monday, July 6, 2009

leaving his mark.... not THAT mark!

Although.....he's been known to leave his mark on the neighbor's fence, beside the boat, when he arrives home from school & cannot....I tell you cannot make it up the garage stairs across the kitchen and into the bathroom. Even though, I'm convinced that the distance is shorter to relieving himself, if he would chose this route.

But, what do I know ? I'm just his mama.

Oh, heavens he would have a fit AND fall in it, if he ever saw this post.

What I do know is....that he really enjoys doing crafty things. Especially when his sister is not around.

So here he is.....leaving his mark. A garden marker that is ! (Ben likes to help me garden, too).Decisions. Decisions. Gotta love a good garage sale for a bucket of cut glass. And the Dollar Tree for some shiny baubles & rocks.

Nothing beats a good "thumbs up" pose by an 8-year-old boy. Seems almost a necessity in recent photo ops.

He didn't want to lay out the design before he started, he said "I have it in my head. I don't need to practice. I know what I'm doing. I've done this before".

Enuf said. Here is the final project.
Can you find his hand ?


Shannon said...

Bottom right corner? Good job Ben and I like you trucker hat. Very creative and beautiful to boot.

Janine said...

I was so thrilled when I read your comment on our blog and realized who it was! Your family is just beautiful.

July 4th weekend I did get a chance to say hi to your Mom. Dad and I offered to put her to work on the shed but she was confident we could get it done without her. :-)

Looking forward to adding your blog to our list and keeping up with the exciting things going on in Tennessee. By the way - Patrick's parents retired in eastern Tennesse so we get down there at least one a year.

Hope this finds you well and hope to run into you sometime when we're both "home."