Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shock and Awe ?

That is a military term for rapid dominance and is a military doctrine on the use of overwhelming power on the battlefield. Within that definition is the term, "spectacular display". I received, what I consider a spectacular display of thoughtfulness and love from........drum roll please.....

my BIG big brother (in other words the oldest of my two big brothers). Craig. He sent me a sweet birthday card. Which arrived early. Almost 1 1/2 weeks before my birthday. And not only was it cute & kind, but he wrote something in it. More than his name. That he thinks of my family often. This was the first that he had ever sent.

I was so pleased, that I called to tell him about it. I often think of him, when I'm driving around (which seems like always) and I see a semi truck. As he is an owner-operator. The kids love to talk about the truck, what color it is, what he hauls. Their favorite, being cans and cans of cat food. Also, did you know (as I remind him often) that trucks drive all the way from Iowa to Tennessee ?!? Hhhmm. Amazing, huh ?!?

Yes. I know this is the old one. But, I like this picture. And I get to pick. This was also the day that I got to drive this big ole thing on the gravel road. Gotta love rural Iowa, with few cars, and many livestock. I think I'd like to that again. Hint. Hint.

In fact, Craig had recently said that he checks this blog. (which I wasn't for sure he did, but now I know & so glad that he does). Also, at that point, he said I hadn't update it recently.

So reader beware. If you do something outrageous or SPECTACULAR, you may be featured on my blog.
Keep reading, big brother. I love you.
From your favorite sister.... ;-)

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Shannon said...

It's nice to be the "favorite" sister, isn't it!